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全部科目在一本书里, 系统化学习。1-2年纪是孩子的起跑线

All subjects of SK in a book, prepare exam in systematic way for good results!!
Year 5 is foundation to get good result in UPSR!!


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SK Standard 5



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Student Feedback

“Other than the Starfish book, the online question banks with answer and explanation here have even further improved my analytical skill in answering a variety of questions. This makes a complete revision package for all students.”

Siti, Standard 6 student in SK Bandar Uda (2)

“I finally scored A+ in most of my exam subjects result by subscribing to the premium package of Starfish’s online question banks. Its special feature of detailed explanation for every single answers is really helpful in shaping up my understanding on the right and wrong in doing my quick revision. ”

Jason Tan, Standard 5 student in SK Sri Petaling

“Nota penting dalam buku ini mudah difahami dan dapat membantu saya untuk persediaan peperiksaan UPSR dalam masa yang singkat.”

Hamza, Standard 6 student in SK TTDI 1
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